Who is Luke Fox?

The writers virus first got hold of me in back in 2003. Always having been a lover of books (reading that is), I wanted to write something myself.

Which ended up in a first publication in 2003: part I of the Meriumbe trilogy. In 2004 part II was published. Part III is is still being written.

In 2009 a short story of mine appeared in the bundle 'Time Out'.

In 2010 I decided to focus more on the publication of e-books. Of which the first book 'The lonely road to hell' saw the light in the beginning of 2011.

In 2011 to be followed by English novels. Of which you can find a first selection here. Thriller stories. A little bit of horror sometimes, but not too much. Just enough to juice the story. And more to come.

I woulf love to hear what you think about my books. Send me an e-mail if you have feedback for me.

(c) Luke Fox 2013